My Art Work – Portraits and Self-Portraits

Portrait of my mother, Angela. Oil on canvas, 2019. This was meant to be an underpainting but it seemed finished enough, so I decided to leave it as is.
Portrait of Kay. Ink and watercolour on paper. 2007. An old friend of mine as she was in the last weeks of her life.
Self-Portrait in Old Brown Hat. Pantone pen and oil paint on panel. Approx. 2000. A hybrid drawing-painting.
Semi-Horizontal. Pen and ink and pastel. Approx. 1997.
Insubordinate. Charcoal on paper. Drawn from an old photo of an actor in a play. Approx. 2000. (NFS)
Preacher. Pen and Ink and watercolour. Drawn from an old photograph. Approx. 2000. (NFS)
Self-Portrait with Dark Sky. Charcoal and pastel on paper. 1999.
Detective. Charcoal and watercolour on paper. Approx. 2000. Adapted from a 1931 photograph. The detective is unnamed in the original photo is pictured listening to the confession of a killer. In this expressionistic portrait I was captured by the detective’s 1000-yard stare. (NFS)
Two Men. Pen and ink, brush and ink and watercolour on paper. Approx. 2000. Adapted from a 1941 photograph. The man facing the viewer, John Pappas, is mourning his murdered wife. Another somewhat expressionistic portrait in which I was inspired to capture the mixture of emotions on this man’s face. (NFS)
Big Game Hunter: Portrait of Simon Wiesenthal. Pen and ink, brush and ink. Approx. 2000. Adapted from a photograph. Wiesenthal was a Holocaust survivor, Nazi hunter and writer. (NFS). See also drypoint version on Prints page.
Portrait of a Writer. Conte Pierre Noire pencil and oil paint on canvas. Approx. 2000. Adapted from a photograph. (NFS)
On The Road. Drypoint. 2/6. Approx. 1997.