My Art Work – Quick Sketches and Life Drawings

Paul Chevenard, 1856. Pen and ink on paper, 2002. From a photo by Nadar (aka Gaspard-Felix Tournachon).

Kmart Lady. Pen on paper. 2003.
Lupo, gangster. Pen and watercolour on paper. 2000. NFS.
Old Woman in Food Hall. Felt open on paper. 2003.
Edwin Booth, 1864, actor; brother of Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Pantone pen on paper, 2003.
Really, seated. Conte crayon on Ingres paper. Approx 2008.
Alice, reclining. Pastel on paper. Approx. 2008.
Adrian Tournachon, brother of Nadar, 1854-5. Drawn from a photo by Nadar. Pantone pen on paper. 2004.
Self-Scrutiny on Bad Hair Day. Pen on paper. 1995.
Diner in Shopping Centre. Pen on paper. 2003.
Proud Model Sitting Sideways. Charcoal and pastel on paper. 2006.
Old Man in Armchair. Pen, coloured pencil and ink on paper. 2005. NFS.
Bush Snr., Begin and friends. Pen and ink on paper. 1982. Somehow politicians and Mafiosi fascinate me in the same way. This drawing is expressionistic verging on surrealistic. NFS.
Walking Out (Gangsters leaving prison). Pen and ink plus watercolour on paper. Adapted from an old photograph. 2000. NFS.
Reverie.Compressed charcoal on paper. 2006.
Rita perched on Stool. Charcoal and pastel on Ingres paper. 2007.
Still Life with Screwdriver. pen and ink, brush and ink and watercolour. 1997.