My Art Work – More Portraits and Self-Portraits

Hole In The Day: Great Chippewa Chief. Drawn from a photo by Mathew Brady, 1864. Pen and ink and watercolour on archival paper.
Shauna and Baby Maddy Pena and ink. 1999.
Self-Portrait in Red Dress. Oil on tempera on panel. 1993.
Portrait of Hank. Compressed charcoal and pastel on paper. 2006.
Rafsanjani, Iranian leader. Pen on paper. 2000. NFS.
Portrait of Madame de Trobriand. New York, Circa 1857. Pen and watercolour on paper, 2000.. Adapted from a photograph by Mathew Brady.
Atman. Oil on specially treated paper. Approx 1999.
Atman. Oil on specially treated paper. Approx. 1999.
Self-Portrait with Cobalt Sky. Oil on panel. 2020.
Gerrit Smith, 1861, Abolitionist. From a photo by Matthew Brady. Pantone pen and watercolour on paper. 2004.
Self portrait in gouache on paper, 2017.
Policeman in Peterson case. Pen and watercolour on paper. 2005. The Peterson case was featured in the documentary “The Staircase”.
Aldous Huxley. Pen and ink on paper. 1998. NFS.

Dutch Schultz, gangster. Pan and watercolour on paper. 2005. NFS.