My Art Work – Prints: Etchings, Lino prints, Drypoints and Lithographs.

On The Road. Drypoint. 2/6. 1996.
Proboscis Monkey,. Lino print 1/2. 1999. This monkey reminded me of a friend of mine, in both appearance and manner, being simultaneously comical and mournful.
Proboscis Monkey White on Black. Lino Print. 1999. 2nd state. 1/1.
Young Rhesus Monkey. Lino Print. Approx. 2005. 1/1.
Mood 273: Portrait of a Moody Man: Red shirt. Lithograph hand-coloured with pastel and watercolour on BFK Rives paper. 2/2. 1997.
Mood 273: Portrait of a Moody Man: Yellow shirt. Lithograph hand-coloured with watercolour on BFK Rives paper. 1/2. 1997.
Lilies with Rainy Sky. Etching hand-coloured with watercolour. Unique state for this hand-colouring. 2007.
Lilies with Rainy Sky. Etching. 2/10. 2007.
Big Game Hunter: Portrait of Simon Wiesenthal. Drypoint hand-coloured with watercolour. 2008. Adapted from a photograph. Wiesenthal was a Holocaust survivor, Nazi hunter and writer. (NFS) See also ink drawing version on Portraits page.
Peter ion Umbria. 2/3. 1999. A comical etching.