M Graham oil paints

I like to research materials periodically so thought I’d publish my findings in regard to these paints, of which I have a few. Those that I have, I’m very happy with. I also have paints of many other brands, including Old Holland, Michael Harding, Williamsburg and Rembrandt. I was concerned however after reading in my Tad Spurgeon book “Living Craft: A Painter’s Process” that, certain driers which are added to paints can cause darkening in the paint film over time. Given that these paints are made with walnut oil, which dries more slowly than linseed oil,  it seemed likely the paint maker would have added driers to these MG paints. I was relieved to find out, after emailing them,that they only add a little alkyd to assist in drying. It was refreshing to have a paint manufacturer respond so promptly and openly to a technical query. This is certainly not the case with all paint makers! http://mgraham.com/products/artists-oil-color/

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