Mixing neutral greys–info is here but very hard to join this forum now


This forum is where I learned about mixing neutral greys. I joined before their very restrictive policy was put in place. You now have to pass a sort of painting audition in order to join. I can understand them wanting to protect this info as it’s of commercial interest to some of the people who are generously providing it here–and they also don’t want to be explaining the most basic things to beginners–but it seems their new exclusivity is actually causing the website to become moribund. You can see from this picture of an attempt at a Munsell scale (which incidentally is from the Classical Atelier at Home website) that the neutral greys are quite warm. I wonder if he hasn’t over-warmed them beyond neutral… it can be tricky to get them just right which is why the Williamsburg premixed neutral greys are convenient. I would prefer them if they were made with lead white, but I have been finding them very useful.

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