Expert information about art materials and procedures

Unfortunately the link is not active so you will need to copy and paste it into google. It should take you to a website called Materials Information and Technical Resources for Artists (run by the University of Delaware). This is the new version of an older website which was also run by conservators and professionals with a lot of knowledge, including (back then) the bow late Mark Gottsegan, author of The Painters Handbook.

Every artist should check out this website. It’s good to know what is considered sound practice, though you don’t have to follow it slavishly. Just because alkyd paints and alkyd medium currently enjoy the favour of conservators doesn’t mean they always will. And even if they do, it doesn’t mean you want to use that product or any other; after all, if it doesn’t give you the effect you want, then it’s ability to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous environmental conditions (changes in humidity being one of the main painting killers) is irrelevant. And even highly knowledgable people like Gottsegen make mistakes or phrase things in such a way as to inadvertently mislead the reader. So it’s wise I think to read all that you can but also be prepared to exercise your own judgement.

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