The point of this blog (and a question)

Dear reader. I have started this blog as a place to collect links to helpful websites providing information about art techniques, materials, philosophies etc and to register random thoughts in regard to art and art making. My first question is: why do we keep doing it when it drives us crazy? I have been wrestling a lot with this one lately (well, periodically, all my life, really!). Of late I have spent several days and sleepless nights (having temporarily “lost all my mirth”, to quote, somewhat melodramatically, poor old ┬áHamlet) wondering why I don’t just give up. Today I have concluded with relief that I can’t. It’s like having a baby that has grown into a taciturn, unco-operative, rude and spiteful adult who lacks any sense of gratitude for all the effort, time and money you’ve lavished upon him/her and who schleps about looking like a bag lady (a bit like I used to do….) But every so often the monster child flashes you a smile as bright as the sun. Realistically, it might have all been a total waste of time and rewarded you with little other than a (not particularly noble) cause to struggle for and perpetual angst, but still, it’s your monster child and you can never give it up. Well, that’s how I feel today! ­čś║

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